Liteblue Work Schedule and Work Hours

Liteblue Work Hours

Liteblue Work Schedule and Work Hours.


How do I see my work hours online at the Liteblue.USPS.Gov website, or at postalease?

I want to monitor my hours and check that I am getting the right number of hours.


Go to LiteBlue, then ePayroll-

It will have all the details for each pay period.

But the numbers are not “live”. You cannot monitor how many actual hours have been recorded in TACS throughout the work week. Liteblue shows hours worked in the last pay period, once th e paycheck posts. You will have to record and track your work hours and compare them to your paystub.

Many USPS employees clock their hours in a notebook, then compare the total hours for the week(s) to liteblue’s numbers or the numbers on your paper paystub. You can also download an app for that.

You would then have to request a clock ring report to see where your notebook differs from the numbers on your payslip.

If you do not have lunches, then you need to watch the managers. Ofen managers forget to note the 30 minutes lunch.

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