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Liteblue.USPS.Gov ePayroll.

Liteblue’s ePAYROLL feature 
is a popular function in’s ‘MY HR’ section.

The self-service employee app ‘ePayroll’ is available to almost all USPS employees (rural delivery associates are not included), who want to use direct deposit.

The USPS LiteBlue ePayroll app is online 24 hours a day and serves to give you immediate access to your earning statements.

USPS Employees can view their earning payslips/statements for a maximum of 40 consecutive previous pay periods.

But once you stop being an USPS employee, your USPS LiteBlue access will also stop.

Liteblue ePayroll Pay Statements.

Earning statements on LiteBlue USPS ePayroll are available tonlyonce new records have been processed.

The LiteBlue ePayroll statements provide more detail than the printed statements.

The ePayroll statement includes information on processed pay, withholdings. benefit deductions and paid leave balances.

An online guide is also available, so that employees can better understand their payslips/statements.

What you can you ePayroll for:

  • Allotment and Net-to-Bank payments.
  • e-Travel net-to-bank
  • Change your Federal W-4
  • Add, cancel or change Savings Bonds
  • View up to 15 years of earnings W-2.
  • View number of holiday days available

The ePayroll mobile app makes easy to use for all US postal employees.
All USPS employees with a username and a password have access to ePayroll.
You  can also get information on upcoming events, new recruits in your department.

Electronic ePayroll Statements.

USPS Employees can choose to store their payment records electronically on their home computers without printing out the statements.

Epayroll saves up to 600,000 papers with electronic statments instead of giving out printed papers.

Access Liteblue ePayroll.

This is how you log in to Liteblue and access USPS’ ePayroll:


Option 1: Go to

Select the Employee Apps ‘carousel’ at the center of the home page.

Option 2: On LiteBlue, choose the ‘My HR’ tab and then select the “Access ePayroll or “Find Employee Apps” section.

Option 3: On LiteBlue, choose the employee apps at the bottom of the ‘My HR’ pages.

Current USPS employees need the Employee ID and USPS Password to access LiteBlue.

liteblue usp gov epayroll - usps liteblue epayroll

Liteblue USPS ePayroll FAQ.

How do I solve problems with my earnings statement?

Talk to your manager. The, talk to your local TACS Office. Lastly, you can contact the USPS Epayroll Accounting Help Desk on 1-866-974-2733.

How do I print my ePayroll statements?

Go to the Epayroll page and click on a pay period. You will see a “print this page” option on the upper left-hand corner. Click it, then on “file” and then on “print”.

Will I still get pay statements in the mail?

Yes. You will receive the original USPS Paystub, unless you manually opt out of mailing,

When do new USPS Pay Statements become available?

Payroll is processed within 4 days (between the days of Saturday and Tuesday) after the close of the pay period. Paystubs/tatements are posted on Wednesdays.

How long are these statements available?
USPS employee payslip statements are available for the past 40 pay periods, or approximately the last 20 months.

Still have problems? Add your experiences with ePayroll in the comment section.

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