USPS Employee Retirement Plans - USPS eRetire

USPS Employee Retirement Plans

USPS Employee Retirement Plans.

Criteria, you must meet to be eligible for viewing your USPS retirement plan:

  • 5 years from retirement: USPS employees, who have 5 years to their retirement can view the retirement plan estimates online, and print them. The plans are listed according to the employee’s retirement date, the date plus 6 months, or the retirement date plus 1 year.


  • Currently eligible, or with 6 months to eligibility: Employees can estimate their retirement plans as per the dates of the next month beginning, or seven moths from then, or 13months from the date of eligibility. Eligible employees can also enter a custom date and view the plans as per that month.

USPS employees can receive the retirment plan application form via mail order on request, or by directly print the online application for their retirement plan.

With USPS eRetire, USPS employees can schedule a counseling session for information on their possible retirements plans.

To view eRetire options, access your account on the USPS.Liteblue.Gov website. Log in with your Employee ID and password.

On the menu, go to: “My HR > Employee Apps > eRetire”.

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